January is Blood Donor Month

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“You are going to save a life today”


This is not a statement that many of us hear in our life time.  But that can change.  By adding your pet to our Willamette Veterinary Hospitals Blood Donor Program, your pet will save lives!



Does your Pet qualify?

1. Current on their Annual Exam

2. Dogs need to weigh 50lb or more and Cats need to weigh 10lbs or more

3. On a Heartworm Preventative

If you answered “YES” to these 3 questions, your pet is halfway there to saving a life!


It is hard to contemplate one of our beloved animals becoming ill or being involved in a traumatic accident. But if an animal has internal hemorrhaging, hemolytic anemia, coagulation, trauma or an abnormality, a blood transfusion maybe their only saving grace. You may not have thought about it at the time, may be when you are home snuggling with your recovering pet, but there was another pet in the hospital that night your pet received a blood transfusion. Another pet owner with their courageous animal donating blood, giving their time, their love and part of their self to save a stranger. To help save your pet.

If you are interested in being a part of this life changing program,

call us at 541-753-2223.

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