January 30, 2017

Blog- “Canine Intelligence and ‘Emotional’ Behavior”

People often talk about canine (and feline) “intelligence”; check the internet and you'll easily locate half a dozen articles describing which dog breeds are the “smartest”. Often, those listed as…
January 13, 2017

Blog- “Coonhound Appetites” May 2014

Reba and Rogue, the most memorable pair of coonhounds I ever had the good fortune to know and provide medical care for in my career. They were of the black…
November 25, 2016

Blog – Medical Advances

I graduated from veterinary school in 1982 . . . I know that was a long time ago; my staff members constantly point out that most of them weren't even…
November 11, 2016

Blog – “Guard Dogs, Boston” 1983

  The term “guard dog” often has negative connotations . . . snarling, vicious canines as portrayed by Hollywood—often Rottweilers or Dobermans—who are all too ready to attack and bite…
October 28, 2016

Blog – “Spaying Belle” November, 1982

“It's just a spay” . . . how many times have I heard that statement? To set the record straight, spaying a female dog is a relatively (to extremely) difficult…
October 14, 2016

Blog – The Making of a Veterinarian

I wasn't one of those kids who knew veterinary medicine was my career path from the time I was about 10. How did I end up as a veterinarian? The…
September 30, 2016

Blog – “Boston Clients” June 1982 – August 1985

Ten days after completing veterinary school, I left my small (rented) farm in Missouri and headed east; toward my first “real” job as a practicing vet in Boston, MA. This…
September 16, 2016

Blog – “Three Pig Stories” June 1976

This goes back “a few” years . . . prior to applying to veterinary school, I realized that actual veterinary experience would probably improve my resume; so I began work…
September 2, 2016

Blog – “What kind of life is that for a dog?” October 1984

Ms. Violette Verdy was one of the few “celebrity” clients I got to know during my early years as a veterinarian in Boston. At the time, she was the “artistic…
August 19, 2016

Blog – “Sally and Thumper” September 1982

Still relatively new in the “real veterinarian” role, I shuddered to see a pet rabbit--”Thumper”, of course—scheduled in the appointment book. However, I managed a real smile when I walked…
August 5, 2016

Blog – “Parvo for Christmas” December 1988

It was the middle of December, my 2nd year in Corvallis, late in the afternoon at the hospital. My next scheduled appointment was a new client, bringing a puppy for…
July 23, 2016

Blog – “Irish Wolfhound, in distress” November 1982

Sean was a young, neutered male, Irish Wolfhound—if you know the breed, he was a big boy; probably 36” tall (or better) at the shoulders, and weighed upwards of 150#.…
July 10, 2016

Blog – “Rabid Cat?” August 1982

I am not sure how veterinarians survive in “1-doctor” practices. First of all, just for social purposes, it is always nice to have a colleague at your “level” in any…
June 10, 2016

Blog- Pets as “Family Members” November 15, 1983

Mrs. Santos was a very nice Filipino lady, but she was having trouble coming to terms with her dog's progressive cardiac disease. Rudy was a 13 year old Schnauzer; we…
May 20, 2016

Blog – “Alcohol and a Fishing Lure” June 6, 1983

I had been working in Boston for about a year, and found myself “on-call” this Saturday night. At 11 pm the veterinary nurse at the hospital called to let me…
May 13, 2016

The Adventures of a Veterinarian- Blog Introduction

My Blog: Introduction   In preparation for “blogging”, I was encouraged to do a bit of reading concerning the “do's and don'ts” of writing for a business website. Much of…