24-Hour Emergency Service

Willamette Veterinary Hospital is an emergency and critical care provider offering coverage not just to our own clients, but to those of veterinary practices across the Willamette Valley. Like a human emergency room, we are open 24 hours per day, seven days per week and are staffed by doctors who specialize in veterinary emergency and critical care.

Beyond our wellness and diagnostic services and resources, our state-of-the-art veterinary facility stores plasma and synthetic blood products, maintains a stock of blood, and is able to perform blood transfusions. We also maintain an intensive care unit.

What to Do In an Emergency

If possible call 541-753-2223, our emergency hotline, before coming in so the staff is prepared and aware of your pet’s needs.

Once you arrive, the doctor will examine your pet to determine the nature of the emergency, your pet’s condition, and what further diagnostics and/or treatment will be required. He will then prepare an estimate based on the assessment. If your pet needs hospitalization, half of the estimate is required as a deposit and the balance paid at discharge.

Your pet will transfer to your regular veterinarian on the next business day. All lab work, X-rays, and treatments will be shared and discussed with your regular veterinarian in order to assure continuity of care for your pet.