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    What They’re Saying

    Love & trust Dr. Lewer and Dr. Carter. The entire staff, from the front desk to the nurses in the back are knowledgeable and friendly. Willamette vet staff are concerned for each animal that comes through the door and are sympathetic and understanding with the "owners". Best vet clinic!

    Kim24/7 Love and Trust

    We arrived at the clinic @ midnight with a ferret that clearly was in severe pain. The doctor and vet tech took great care in example Ning him, giving him some medication to relieve the pain (and stop our hearts from breaking with each cry), relieved his urinary tract blockage, and threw in plenty of love and compassion. Bat (short for acrobat because it describes his usual demeanor) is back to running around and getting into all kinds of trouble. We are so grateful for the amazing care he received!

    DustinA midnight ferret

    Nothing but amazing things to say about this place! Dr.Peterson was by far my favorite. She was honest and took the time to actually explain things and not dance around the subject as so many vets can do sometimes. She even got down on the floor and was giving Pete and loves to my dog. After dealing a lot with them the past week as we tried to figure out what was going on with my dog they took such great care of us. I will be switching her normal vet care to them as well. I don’t mind driving from Albany to see them. Yes the wait times can be long at times but that’s to be expected with an er vet. I will gladly wait knowing my dog is stable while they go save someone else’s pet who isn’t stable.

    AmyPete and Dr. Peterson

    Unfortunately, our 7 month old lab, Duke, had a mass on his hind leg. Fortunately for us, and Duke, WilVet was there! We had such a positive experience that Duke felt he needed to keep going back!! The doctors and staff were very attentive to Duke and his needs. They treated our energetic guy with so much love; making it easier to leave him for surgery. Dr.’s Lewer, DewLaney and Carter knocked our socks off, and have convinced us that this is where we need to have our full time veterinary care. Thank you doctors and staff!!

    The Ragan FamilyDuke

    Always a great experience at Willamette Veterinary Hospital! I’ve been coming here for 5 years!

    JimWe are here for you

    We aren't from this area but had to find a vet for our kitten ASAP. After calling a vet that was closer to us, they were booked and recommended this place. We drove an hour and made the appointment. They got our kitten booked in super fast. We got and exam and medicine prescribed to us. They answered so many of our questions and we very patient. I wish we could come here rather than our vet if it were closer to us. This was such a great experience. I trusted them with my kitten and would definitely recommend coming here for any veterinary needs!

    Amanda P.6/16/20