Community Involvement

All of the doctors and staff of Willamette Veterinary Hospital believe it is impossible for a caring and thriving veterinary practice to ignore the larger community it serves. We all live in and around Corvallis and take great pride in the vibrancy of our people and communities. Without our friends and neighbors we simply would not have achieved all that we have.

This is why we enjoy giving back to our communities. All of our doctors and staff volunteer or in some way participate in our schools, libraries, churches, and municipal and civic organizations. We also endeavor to put our animal care knowledge to use in serving the community.

In particular, Willamette Veterinary Hospital initiated our Good Samaritan Fund. Because we are a 24-hour emergency facility, there are a number of injured and found animals that are carried through our doors. We do our very best to extend care to all living beings, regardless of the financial situation of the human caretaker or lack of a home for a companion animal.

The Good Samaritan Fund is one way that we are able to raise funds for the care of these very worthy and needy animals. As we are all aware, the cost of caring for all of these animals can be prohibitive, but even small donations can go a long way. For example, just five dollars can pay for antibiotics for a found kitten. Fifty dollars can pay for medications to cure a dermatological condition on a dog. One hundred dollars can pay for a relatively simple, but lifesaving surgery.

To make these services even more affordable, animals receiving care from our Good Samaritan Fund are treated on a volunteer basis by our doctors and staff.

To say the least, we are exceptionally proud of the literally hundreds of animals our staff has nurtured and found loving homes for.

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