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Referral Veterinarian Transfer Package Summary for Overnight Hospitalization

Willamette Veterinary Hospital would like to provide referring clinicians the service of basic overnight care and monitoring for stable patients that shouldn’t go home but shouldn’t be left alone in the clinic overnight. We do understand the financial concern of transferring a patient to an overnight care facility and thus in an effort to lessen that concern WVH encourages rDVMs to send patients with IV catheter and fluid bag, injectable / oral medications and treatment plan. WVH will provide analgesics. All medications sent with patient must be appropriately labeled with Rx labels which should include route and time of necessary administration. Any additives in IV fluid bags must be accurately labeled as well. Analgesic medications are included in the estimated price provided by WVH including injectables and or CRI’s.

Transfer packages are designed for stable patients only. Although we welcome the opportunity to treat any and all patients overnight, this specific package is for that stable patient that needs fluids and injectable medication overnight with appropriate monitoring. As will be discussed with any rDVM and owners if the patient deteriorates overnight we reserve the right to provide any and all care possible that owners agree to. Our ambition is to provide basic care and monitoring overnight and either send patient back in the AM to rDVM or send patient home with rDVM discharge instructions reiterated.

The transfer package does not include any diagnostics, oxygen therapy, treatments or medical supplies outside of the previously mentioned above. Please send all patients with copy of all medical records, diagnostics and requested care plan overnight with a phone call to WVH and we will do our best to collaborate efforts to send your patients either home in the AM or back to the rDVM clinic.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide this service to your patients, we look forward to collaboration in the future and as always welcome any comments, questions, concerns and or complaints.

Best regards,

Willamette Veterinary Hospital

Phone: 541-753-2223

Fax: 541-753-2278

email: [email protected]

Package Estimate – estimate is for 12-15h of monitoring overnight: $320

Included in rDVM Package
• Referral examination by attending veterinarian and nurse
• Discussion and collaboration on treatment plan with rDVM for overnight care
• Hospitalization with hourly monitoring, nursing care and record keeping
• T-port application if necessary
• Administration of IV fluids (sent by rDVM) as needed
• Administration of injectable or oral medications (sent by rDVM) as needed
• Analgesic care that can include CRI’s as needed. Provided by WVH

rDVM Package requirements –
• Patient must be stable and require only basic hospitalization and nursing care
• Phone call from referring veterinarian to hospital veterinarian
• Copy of all medical records to be faxed or hand delivered by owner
• All medications that are to be given overnight to patient excluding analgesics labeled and sent with patient / owner
• Patent IV catheter
• First bag of IV fluids to be sent with patient / owner from rDVM
Addition charges may be incurred if –
• Patient deteriorates and requires additional care – to be discussed with owner before hospitalization
• rDVM package requirements are not met prior to hospitalization
• Patient requires multiple bags be made up for CRI’s

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