Puppy Wellness

A dog’s life can be divided into three distinct parts: Puppyhood, Healthy Adulthood, and the Golden Years. Each part will have individualized needs from both you at home and us as veterinary medical providers.

All puppies will require a minimum of three visits to ensure they are properly vaccinated and screened. Each visit is timed in accordance with the appropriate vaccination timeline, according to your dog’s age, breed, size, and previous veterinary care.

Physical Exam

A comprehensive examination allows the doctor to evaluate your puppy’s temperament, heart, ears, eyes, lungs, abdomen, nose, throat, teeth, lymph nodes, bones, and skin.

DAPP Vaccination

This is a core vaccination, often referred to as the Canine Distemper Vaccine, that protects your dog against serious diseases, including Canine Distemper, Adenovirus (Hepatitis), Parainfluenza, and Parvovirus.

Fecal (Intestinal Parasite Test)

A fresh stool sample is evaluated to detect the presence and type of parasite infection by microscopic evaluation and the detection of parasite antigens.

Over 99% of puppies have parasites (whether we see them or not), many of which they get from their mother (sometimes through her milk), and some of these parasites can be spread to humans. For this reason, we need to check several fecal samples to determine if any parasites are present and treat your puppy, if needed. In addition, we commonly do preventative deworming during puppy vaccine visits for some of the more common parasites found in puppies.


Rabies is a very serious viral disease that can not only affect animals but can also affect humans. Rabies causes inflammation in the brain which can cause changes in behavior, paralysis, and even death in all mammals.

Rabies is most commonly spread by a bite from an infected animal through their saliva. Animals that are likely to carry this disease include, but are not limited to: fox, wild canines, raccoons, and bats. If your animal has exposure to or has been bitten by a wild animal of any type, it is very important that you take your pet to see the veterinarian immediately regardless of vaccination status.

Because rabies can be spread from animals to humans, it is required by law that pets be vaccinated.


The Bordetella immunization protects the dog against the bacteria whose symptoms are commonly known as “Kennel Cough.” This contagious respiratory disease causes a dry, hacking cough and is spread through respiratory secretions. If untreated, kennel cough can progress to bronchitis and pneumonia.

Vaccination / Visit Schedule

*This will differ depending on several factors. Please work with your veterinarian to determine the right schedule for your new puppy.

First Appointment:

Typically scheduled between six and eight weeks or upon immediate acquisition of puppy.

  • Physical Exam
  • DAPP Vaccination
  • Intestinal Parasite Screening
  • Intestinal Dewormer

Second Appointment:

Typically scheduled three weeks after visit one.

  • Physical Exam
  • DAPP Vaccination
  • Intestinal Dewormer
  • Rabies
  • Bordetella

Third Appointment:

Typically scheduled three weeks after visit two.

  • Physical Exam
  • DAPP Vaccination
  • Intestinal Dewormer

We look forward to meeting your new puppy!

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