Our Veterinary Team

Practice Owner

Dr. Dan Lewer

DVM, Practice Owner

Originally from St. Paul, MN Dr. Daniel Lewer  earned his B.A. in Biology from Gustavus…

Dr. Emily Kalenius

DVM, Practice Owner

Dr. Emily Kalenius is a lifelong Oregonian.  She graduated first in her class from Oregon…

Practice Consultant

Dr. Steve Callahan

DVM, Practice Consultant

Dr. Steve Callahan was a General Practitioner and owner of Willamette Veterinary Hospital from 1987…


Dr. Cathy Carter


Dr. Cathy Carter began her veterinary career by volunteering with a large animal veterinarian when…

Dr. Josiah Moses


Dr. Josiah Moses joined the Willamette Animal Hospital team as an associate veterinarian in 2014.…

Dr. Livingston


Dr. Roberta Porter


Dr. Roberta Porter started at Willamette Veterinary Hospital in 2016. She is originally from Southern…

Dr. Wepprich

Dr. Wepprich hails from Asheville, NC and attended vet school at North Carolina State University…

Dr. Whittstein


I'm Dr. Arnold Wittstein, Cetified Veterinary Acupuncturist. The year 2017 marks my 30th year in…


Janice Whitaker


Janice joined our team in February 2007. Originally from Palo Alto, California, Janice moved to…

Maribel Martinez, CVT

Practice Manager

Maribel joined our team in June 2010. She was born and raised in Las Vegas,…

Veterinary Nurse

Breana Berger

Veterinary Nurse

Breana joined Willamette September of 2015. Breana is from Hermiston, Oregon and moved to the…

Cyndi Prosper

Lead Veterinary Nurse

Cyndi joined the WVH family in December of 2013. Originally from Napa, moved to Corvallis…

Dakota O'Loughlin

Veterinary Nurse Assistant

Dakota started at WVH in the summer of 2017. She is originally from Yanhill, OR…

Darian Kaser

Veterinary Nurse

Darian joined the Willamette team in May 2014. She is from Philomath, Oregon. Darian has…

Jamie Kennedy

Veterinary Nurse

Jamie started May of 2015 at Willamette Veterinary Hospital. Jamie is originally from Dallas, Oregon…

Jason Provost

Certified Veterinary Assistant, VN

Jason started at Willamette December 2015. He has lived multiple places but originally is from…

Javiera Poblete

Veterinary Nurse Assistant

Javiera came to Willamette Veterinary Hospital April of 2015. Javiera originally is from Boise, Idaho…

Jordyn Wyloge

Veterinary Nurse Assistant

Jordyn started at Willamette in the fall of 2017. She is from So-Cal and moved…

Karen Dennis

Certified Veterinary Assistant, VNA

Karen started work at WVH July 2016. She is originally from Lacomb and moved to…
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Karina Hallam

Veterinary Nurse Assistant

Karina started at Willamette in the fall of 2017. She is from Orange County, CA…

Kylie Revelle

Veterinary Nurse

Kylie joined our team in July 2015. Originally from Nevada, she relocated to Corvallis from…
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Marlie Howell

Veterinary Nurse

Marlie started at Willamette in October of 2016. She is originally from Monroe, Oregon but…

Natasha Wiersch

Veterinary Nurse Assistant

Natasha joined our team in April 2015. She is originally from Powell Butte, Oregon and…

Robyn Giles

Veterinary Nurse

Robyn started working at Willamette July of 2015. Robyn comes to Corvallis from Walla Walla,…

Samantha Souza

Veterinary Nurse

Sam joined the Willamette team in July 2015. She is from the Bay Area in…
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Sara Hansen

Lead Veterinary Nurse

Sara joined the Willamette team in the fall of 2017. She is from Veneta, OR…

Sarah Craig

Certified Veterinary Technician, VN

Sarah came to Willamette Veterinary Hospital the summer of 2015. Sarah use to live to…

Client Services Representative

Amanda Stoudenmeyer

Administrative Assistant

Carol Morton

Carol joined the Willamette team in January of 2016. She moved to the Corvallis area…
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Katie Beck

Katie joined the WVH family in February of 2013. Originally from Santa Cruz, California, she…

Missy Rector

Missy joined our staff in January 2011. She is originally from Corvallis but has lived…

Pet Care Attendant

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Angel Kent

Lead Pet Care Attendant

Angel joined Willamette in January 2017. She is from Tangent, OR and loved the valley…
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Murdock Millwod

Murdock started at Willamette in summer of 2017. He is from Bakersfield, CA and moved…

Hospital Aid

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Jadon Senff

Jadon started at WVH in the summer of 2017. He moved to Corvallis 4 years…