Our Veterinary Team


Ana Wenz, CVT

Practice Manager

Dr. Emily Kalenius

DVM, Medical Director

Dr. Emily Kalenius is a lifelong Oregonian.  She graduated first in her class from Oregon…

Katie Bowen

Patient Care Advocate

Katie joined our Wilvet team in April 2018 as a Client Services Representative. In January…

Maribel Martinez, CVT

Practice Manager

Maribel joined our team in June 2010. She was born and raised in Las Vegas,…


Dr. Andrew Beachy


Oregon native, Dr. Andrew Beachy joined the WilVet team in January of 2021. He earned…

Dr. Cathy Carter


Dr. Cathy Carter began her veterinary career by volunteering with a large animal veterinarian when…

Dr. Courtney Dewlaney


Dr. Courtney Dewlaney joined the WilVet team in July, 2018. She is originally from Pleasant…

Dr. Dan Lewer


Originally from St. Paul, MN Dr. Daniel Lewer  earned his B.A. in Biology from Gustavus…

Dr. Erica Harmon


Dr. Harmon was born on Kodiak Island in Alaska, but was raised in Prescott, Arizona.…

Dr. Gary Jimmerson


Dr. Gary Jimmerson grew up in Great Falls Montana, and made the trek to Portland,…

Dr. Laura Couser


Dr. Laura Couser joined the Wilvet team as an emergency clinician in May 2018. Dr.…

Dr. Roberta Porter


Dr. Roberta Porter started at Willamette Veterinary Hospital in 2016. She is originally from Southern…

Dr. Robyn Lantz

Dr. Lantz started volunteering at a veterinary clinic in Salem at the age of 11. …

Dr. Tessa Maggiulli


Dr Maggiulli joined the Wilvet team in January 2020, she was born and raised in…

Dr. Tim Miller-Morgan

Originally from Seattle, WA. Dr. Tim earned a B.Sc. in Biology with a minor in…

Client Services Representative

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Alyssa Richard

Client Services Representative

Alyssa joined our team in January of 2021. She is originally from southern California and…
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Amanda Plumlee

Client Services Representative, Boarding Attendant

Amanda began working with us in October of 2020. She is originally from Junction City.…
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Amy Hilton

Client Services Representative

In 2010, Amy moved from Jacksonville, FL to Albany so she could be closer to…
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Lyhanna Schuler

Client Services Representative

Lyhanna joined our team in October of 2020. She is originally from Louisiana and moved…
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Mckenzie Giles

Client Service Representative

McKenzie moved from Salem to Corvallis in Fall of 2017 to attend OSU and work…

Veterinary Nurse

Alexandria Heim

Veterinary Nurse

Alexandria joined the WilVet team in May of 2019 as a Pet Care Attendant. She…

Darian Kaser

Veterinary Nurse

Darian joined the Willamette team in May 2014. She is from Philomath, Oregon. Darian has…

Derek Escaranio

Training Education Coordinator

Derek joined our Wilvet family in March of 2018. He is originally from Antioch, CA.…
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Hannah Demaree

Room Nurse

Hannah joined the WilVet team in December of 2020. She is originally from Dallas, TX…

Javier Lopez

Surgical Nurse

Javier began working with us in July of 2019 as a Veterinary Nurse. Javier was…

Karen Claussen

Certified Veterinary Assistant, Pharmacy Supervisor

Karen started work at WVH July 2016. She is originally from Lacomb and moved to…

Katherine Wyatt

ICU Nurse

Veterinary Technician, Katherine Wyatt, has worked with us since July of 2019. She moved to…
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Madie Bedke

Veterinary Nurse

Madie began working with us in June of 2019. She is from Burley, ID and…
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Makena Guthrie

Makena moved to Oregon in the Summer of 2019. She is from Laguna Beach and…

Margot Langan, CVT

Certified Veterinary Technician

Margot joined the Wilvet family in March 2019 as a CVT working at the Oregon…
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Meghan Schuster

Veterinary Nurse

Meghan was born in South Dakota and lived in Seattle for seven years before moving…
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Misha Andrews

Veterinary Nurse

Misha joined the WilVet team in September of 2020. Misha is from Washington and has…

Murdock Millwood

ICU Nurse

Murdock started at Willamette in summer of 2017. He is from Bakersfield, CA and moved…

Rachel Mayes

Veterinary Nurse

Rachel moved to Corvallis from Eugene to attend OSU. She is interested in studying equine…

Thomas Markley

Veterinary Nurse

Thomas joined our Wilvet family in May of 2018. Thomas is from the Salem, Oregon…