Dr. Gary Jimmerson

Dr. Gary Jimmerson grew up in Great Falls Montana, and made the trek to Portland, Oregon in his early twenties to try his hand at being a rock drummer. After several very enjoyable and musical years, he decided it was time to hit the books and become a veterinarian. It was time to focus on serving the wonderful animals we share this world with, and to help strengthen the human-animal bond. He worked at WilVet as a veterinary nurse for many of those school years, and graduated with honors from Oregon State University Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine in June 2019. He loves living in Oregon (15 years now!), and shares a home with his wonderful partner, Angela, their labrador-husky-mix, Hayden, and their outspoken feline, Loki. In his downtime, Dr. Jimmerson enjoys smashing on his drums, listening to music, hiking, camping, foraging for wild mushrooms, and cooking. He is also keen on international travel and has visited Japan, India, Nicaragua, Spain, Italy, and Mexico.

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